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Why compare business energy quotes?

If you’ve never switched energy suppliers – or haven’t done so for a few years – you may not be on the best deal available. In fact, it’s likely that your business energy contract will have been rolled over onto a more costly tariff. To avoid overpaying for gas and electricity, compare energy deals today.

You could find an option that’s more suited to your business. From eco-friendly tariffs to multi-site metering, there’s a better deal out there for everyone.

When you compare business energy suppliers, you’ll gain access to great deals from a variety of business energy providers. Much like when you apply for a business loan through us, you’ll be appointed a dedicated account manager to help you switch.

Simple process

Let technology do the hard work for you: receive reliable search results to help ensure you never pay over the odds for your energy again.

Get a quote in seconds

Let us know a few basic details – e.g. your postcode and energy habits – and we’ll pull up a tailored comparison of gas and electricity deals in your region.

100% hassle-free

Once you’ve chosen your tariff your appointed Account Manager at Love Energy Savings will manage the energy switch on your behalf.

How does it work?

Finding business energy deals

With so many options out there today, it can be hard to know where to start. We’re here to simplify the process of finding the best business energy tariff for your business.

See your Business Energy Options

Tell us what you need

Let us know your contact details, the postcode of your premises and the type of energy you’d like to compare, and we’ll do the rest.


Select the best deal

Once you’ve taken a look at the best tariffs and chosen your favourite you can buy it online or over the phone with an adviser.


Get on with running your business!

Don’t worry about contacting your old supplier. All negotiations between your old and new suppliers will be taken care of on your behalf.

Green business energy

Why switch to renewable energy?

As the UK pushes to meet its carbon targets a growing number of businesses are making the switch to green energy. Green business energy suppliers provide energy that’s generated through renewable sources, including wind, solar and hydro.


Renewable energy is less likely to be impacted by future upward pressure of fossil fuel costs.


Unlike fossil fuels, sustainable energy sources are renewable.

Reduced emissions

“Going green” will help you to meet your carbon reduction target.

Transitioning towards sustainability

Choosing a renewable energy or green tariff will enable your business to take meaningful action to reduce it's greenhouse gas footprint, and therefore play your part in enabling the UK reach net-zero emissions by 2050. In addition, green business energy tariffs may assist your business to save on energy costs.

Join the 'green revolution'

Transition your business to a sustainable energy usage future

Business Energy FAQs

How are business energy plans calculated?

Energy providers factor in a variety of things when they work out a business energy plan for you, including location, premises size, your existing supplier, current energy spend, consumption of kWh units and the type of meter you use.

How much energy does the average business use?

The amount of energy a business uses typically depends on its size, what it uses the energy for and how. The average microbusiness uses 10,000 kWh of gas and up to 15,000 kWh of electricity a year while large enterprises use around 80,000kWh of electricity a year. 

Small businesses use 25,000 kWh of gas and up to 25,000 kWh of electricity a year while medium sized companies use an average of 45,000 kWh of gas and up to 50,000 kWh of electricity a year.

How much is the average business energy bill?

The cost of your business gas and electricity depends on the deal you’ve opted for, how often you use gas and electricity and how energy-efficient your premises are. The size of your business and the area your premises is based in will also have an impact.

As an estimation, research shows that the average bill costs:

  • £1,254 a year for micro businesses

  • £2,894 a year for small businesses

  • £5,612 a year for medium businesses

  • £10,688 a year for large businesses

What happens to my energy deal when I move to a new premises?

When you move, you’ll take your energy deal with you to your new premises or it’ll be cancelled. If the latter happens it’s likely that you’ll move over to a pricier contract with the new property’s current supplier. 

That’s why it’s always worth comparing new tariffs to find one that’s more cost-effective for you.

Will I experience downtime or have to close when switching energy suppliers?

Fortunately, you won’t usually experience any disruption when you switch. Your new supplier won’t have to fit anything new as they’ll use the same cables and pipes as your previous energy provider.

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